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Why Rats Have Become A Big Problem For Vancouver Restaurants

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Why Rats Have Become A Big Problem For Vancouver Restaurants

Rats are a nightmare for any restaurant owner, and if you’re from Vancouver, you know just how bad things have gotten over the years with these pesky rodents. Millions can be found throughout the city and their numbers are continuing to grow each year. In fact, infestations are so bad that the city was named “BC’s Rattiest City” four years in a row. But what’s luring them here and why have rats become such a big problem for Vancouver restaurants? Read on to learn the reasons why and what you can do to protect your restaurant from an infestation.

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Why Are There So Many Rats In Vancouver?

It’s no secret that Vancouver has a rat problem. But why is this city such a rodent hot spot? One major reason is the weather. Vancouver has mild wet weather which makes for the ideal environment rats need to thrive.


The construction boom has disturbed rats traditional nesting sites. Rodents living around construction areas and in neighbouring sewers are forced to relocate when there’s so much activity happening in one area. 


Another reason for the surge is the reduction of their main predators, namely seabirds. This decrease has removed some of the natural control which typically helps to limit their population growth. 


And finally, there’s the COVID pandemic and recent lockdown measures to blame as well. With so many businesses being forced to close down their operations and dumpsters left empty, rats are swarming throughout many urban areas to take advantage of the available food and shelter. 

What Problems Do They Cause?

Rodents are renowned for their ability to spread disease and harmful bacteria through their feet, fur, droppings, urine and saliva. When they touch surfaces and burrow into food packaging, they can easily cause contamination as a result, which can lead to foodborne illnesses and food poisoning. These hardy pests can even cause damage to buildings. Once they get inside, rats will start gnawing away at wood and electrical wires to grind their teeth down. And all it takes is one rat to damage your alarm system or to ignite a fire.

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Is Every Restaurant in Vancouver Susceptible to Rats?

Rats are incredibly intelligent and can smell food through walls, pantry doors and packaging, which is why restaurants are particularly susceptible to infestations. But that doesn’t mean every restaurant in Vancouver will experience a rat problem. The key difference between restaurants that avoid an infestation and the ones that don’t, is having a preventative pest control service in place. If you own a restaurant and rodents have become a noticeable problem in your area, a proactive approach is essential for protecting your business. 

How Does Preventative Pest Control Services Work?

Rats are excellent hiders and know how to avoid being detected. This can make them difficult to spot. Multiple types of rats are also common in the Vancouver area. Pest control professionals are highly trained in recognising all of their different habits and behaviours and know which methods will be most effective. A professional pest control company will set up routine visits every quarter or month to check for any signs in your property. They will monitor potential entry points and implement preventative strategies to safeguard your restaurant business. If pests are found on the premises, the specialist will remove them and take the necessary steps to prevent any more from entering your establishment. 


Just because Vancouver has a rat problem, it doesn’t mean your restaurant has to. Keep your business rodent-free with Integral Pest Prevention Control services. We cover all the lower mainland’s and offer a number of pest control services to suit your needs. With our innovative treatment options and strategic control plans, we’ll help to maintain the cleanliness, safety and integrity of your business so that you can keep your reputation intact.

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