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Who's Invading Your Property?

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Small rodents can be one of the most destructive pests for your home. If your cat is too lazy, to help you, we can!

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are on the rise again in Canada, and can infest even the cleanest of homes. When was the last time you checked your bed?


Cockroaches are becoming one of the most common household pest in and around food preparation areas.

Stinging Insects

Everyone enjoys spending time outdoors, don't let these nasty stingers prevent you from having fun!


For every Ant you see there are hundreds more around, whether underground or in your walls!


Birds play an important role in the ecosystem, but can be problematic when they nest in your home!

Occasional Invaders

Is your invader more challenging or unusual? It doesn't scare us! Don't wait until your pests have become a problem. Contact Us Now!

Pest Proofing

We help pest proof your space! We analyize their entrance ways and prevent them gaining access again.

Pest Management Program

From ants in the summer to mice in the winter, we keep your property protected year round!

Guaranteed Pest Control In Burnaby

Competitive Pricing

While competitive Burnaby Pest Control is easy to find, its hard to match our quality of service!

Pet & Kid Friendly

We use products safe for your home! Each of our technicians is trained for your families safety!

Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident in our services! If we can’t get your pest’s gone, then your money back guaranteed!

Need Expert Help?

We understand pests and we work hard to understand your unique situation. We take the time to assess each job and develop a customized pest control plan to rapidly knockdown pests and prevent them from coming back. Request a free no-obligation consultation!