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Integral Pest Services joins Integral Services Group

Integral Pest Services joins Integral Services Group

We are pleased to announce Integral Services Group’s acquisition of Integral Pest Services Inc.

Integral Services Group is made up of four separate companies, with a focus on commercial building services across a multitude of industries, including office towers, shopping centres, retail and grocery/retail, government, health and hospitality.

Adding pest control to the services we currently offer our clients, was a bit of a no-brainer’, says Jason Drew, the President and CEO of the Integral Services Group. ‘Our cleaners are on-site far more often than a typical pest services company could possibly be there.  That gives us far more insight into what is happening and ensures that we are offering the best service possible. Integral Pest Services made a ton of sense.  We even shared the same name!’.

Kyle Downey, the founder of Integral Pest Services moves into the Managing Partner role and will manage both sales and service in the Pest Services division. ‘I founded Integral Pest Services to address the growing need for a quality pest control service provider that prioritized customer service. We’re always looking for new ways to improve our treatments and the level of service we’re providing to our clients. By partnering with Integral Services Group, an established building maintenance company that also shares our customer-first philosophy, we’re able to explore new technologies and in return deliver a greater level of service to our clients.’

For more information, please reach out to Kyle directly at or call their 24-hour hotline at 1.866.679.2136.

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Integral Pest Services Inc. is a division of Integral Services Group. ISG is a premier facilities maintenance services company. We provide specialized programs for various industries. Our services are focused on building maintenance, pest control, custodial/caretaking services, outsourced staffing, janitorial supplies, and best-in-class cleaning services. Integral Services Group is built on the principles of integrity, reliability, innovation, and long-term business partnership. The company also employs highly qualified professionals who provide unmatched customer service and valuable industry know-how. In other words, the business model is based upon the idea that client success is the measure of its own success.

To learn more about ISG, please contact our team at 604.260.7073 or visit our website

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