Bed Bug

Bed Bug pest control




Key Identifying factors:

1.3 mm – 7 mm 

Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown 

Oval flattened body

Their body shape and colouration is similar to an apple seed

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Bed Bugs, Should I be Concerned?

  • Potential Health Concerns

    Luckily, bed bugs aren’t known to spread diseases. But you may see some bites on your skin and it could cause a lot of irritation

  • What happens if left ignored?

    An infestation left ignored can lead to worsening skin irritation and the potential to spread them everywhere you go. Bed bugs will hide in your clothes and bags, and can easily travel to other rooms and houses.

    It may not seem like a big problem when you only have a few bites, but an infestation can quickly get out of control. And the longer you’re infested the more time they have to stain your mattress and nearby furniture.

  • Habitat

    Bed bugs are usually near the area where you sleep, but you could find them in any crevice in the same room. Check your walls sockets, behind dressers and pictures frames, underneath your bed, or anything that offers a convenient hiding spot. 

    A common misconception about bed bugs is that they only infest unsanitary environments, but this isn't true. Anyone is susceptible to a bed bug infestation. 

  • Behaviour

    Bed bugs are most active during the night and feed when you are asleep. If left unchecked, their populations can easily get out of control. Catching a bed bug infestation early is the key to getting rid of them. 

    It takes a bed bug approximately two months to develop from nymph to adult. They will molt five times before reaching maturity. A blood meal is required between each molt.

  • Diet

    Their diet is simple - blood. Typically, a bed bug will feast on your blood for a few minutes and then scurry away to the crevices of your bed to digest. Bed bugs generally feed once a week.

    Bed bugs can go up to a year without a blood meal. This is why bed bugs can be hard to treat and impractical to leave units vacant. Often bed bugs will go dormant or spread to nearby units.

  • Tips for prevention

    The most common way bed bugs are introduced into your home is by bringing them back from travelling or unsuspecting visitors. Bed bugs can also be picked up from public transit, move theaters, and even new furniture stores. 

    When travelling it is important to do a thorough inspection of your hotel room upon arrival. When returning home, isolated your luggage, launder everything immediately and vacuum your luggage. 

    With visitors, hang coats in the coat closet and never throw them on your bed. 

  • Caution for self-treatment

    There are a few at home remedies out there, but we caution against them. Bed bugs are tiny and elusive, getting rid of them can be very difficult. It requires a thorough treatment of insecticides and a thorough application in all of the small crevices in your room. Improper treatment can cause the issue to spread to nearby rooms and neighboring units.

    Many do it yourself remedies recommend treating bed bugs with heat. Although heat does kill them, it can be very difficult to heat all the areas to an adequate temperature where they hide while also preventing the survivors from traveling deeper into your walls. Bed bugs can go on average 1-4 months without food but have been known to survive a full-year without a blood meal.

    Hire a professional pest service
    Bed bugs can travel to different rooms and find their way into hard to find areas, so getting rid of them is difficult. When treating any pests, it is important to understand their reproduction cycles, habitats and behaviors. Once you have identified a bed bug infestation, professional help is usually necessary. Call Integral Pest Services for expert service and advice.

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