Why Regularly Scheduled Pest Control Services are Important for Property Managers

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Why Regularly Scheduled Pest Control Services are Important for Property Managers

When it comes to pest control, a lot of property managers employ a reactive approach – waiting until a tenant calls to report a pest problem – instead of having a prevention plan in place. This strategy can not only end up costing you more in remediation fees, but it can also harm your reputation as a property management company, along with a slew of other consequences. Learn more about the benefits of having regularly scheduled pest control services for your rental properties below.

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It Can Save Your Reputation

The reality is tenants talk amongst each other, and they typically share opinions and info about rental properties via social platforms, like Facebook or even on Google business pages. So, if a pest problem develops under your management, it can quickly damage your reputation and even your bottom line. 


No tenant wants to live in a property that has a history of bed bugs or other pests running around, even if it was a brief and minor problem. That’s why having regularly scheduled pest control services is crucial, especially for rental properties that are located in urban settings where infestations are surging. This can ensure that your tenants never have a pest issue to complain about and your reputation can remain intact.  

Why Regularly Scheduled Pest Control Services are Important for Property Managers

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It Can Save You Thousands of Dollars in Damages

By the time a tenant has spotted a pest, chances are there could already be an infestation occurring within your rental property. Most pests are experts at hiding and can easily evade detection for a while, causing damage behind the scenes until they proliferate and are finally spotted. Rodents can gnaw through wood, insulation and electrical wiring. Bed bugs can multiple rapidly, infesting an entire building in only a few months. And cockroaches are a public health threat spreading diseases through contaminating surfaces feasting on fabrics, paper and food scraps. This is why a reactive approach for treating pests could result in thousands of dollars in damages and remediation costs. Thankfully, you can save yourself a whole lot of money and hassle by arranging scheduled pest control inspections that will carefully monitor your properties, address any potential signs of pests immediately, and prevent an infestation from wreaking havoc on your business.

Can Reduce Health Issues

Pests can also be hazardous to the health of your tenants. Take cockroaches for example. Their feces and saliva can cause serious asthmatic and allergic reactions, especially among infants, children and those who are elderly. A prolonged infestation can even cause healthy people to experience serious effects over time. Pests can also contaminate food and water sources with harmful bacteria like salmonella and E.coli, leading to food-borne illness. 


As a landlord and/or property manager, it’s your responsibility to maintain the units according to proper health and safety standards, and that includes protecting your tenants from health risks such as these. Implementing routine pest control measures into your maintenance plans will ensure that pest contamination is prevented, and the health of your tenants is always protected.

It Can Spot Building Faults Before They Turn Into Costly Repairs

Regular wear and tare can take its toll on your buildings. Keeping a constant eye for changes can be a challenging task. Whether it is a door sweep beginning to wear, a shift in the foundation that exposed a utility run, or an overgrown tree perfectly touching your roof line which all may seem insignificant at first, but can lead to costly remediation services down the road. A regularly scheduled prevention program will monitor your buildings for all faults catching all potential issues (including water leaks) before they become an issue.


A reactive approach to pest control can have many negative consequences, from damages to the property and tenants’ belongings to adverse health effects and injuries – all of which can lead to costly repairs and even lawsuits. If you’re managing rental properties, the best approach for any landlord or property management company is to implement a proactive pest control plan. If you need to schedule routine pest control services, contact us at Integral Pest today. Our expert team and advanced pest control programs will ensure that your property is protected from pests year-round. Learn more about our services by calling us today. 

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