Best Pest Control Services for Hotels in Vancouver

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Best Pest Control Services for Hotels in Vancouver

The more guests you have, the more opportunities there are for pests, which is why hotels, resorts and other establishments within the hospitality industry face the biggest threat when it comes to pest problems. Ordering room service and leaving dirty dishes in hotel rooms or out in the hallway creates ideal opportunities for pests to seek and find the food they need to survive. In addition to food scraps and crumbs, there is a constant flow of people travelling and bringing personal belongings with them, which is why hotels face a unique and difficult pest control challenge.

If there’s a potential pest problem brewing in your hotel, it’s important to act quickly and call a pest control service right away to deal with it before your guests take notice. At Integral Pest, we offer the best pest control services for hotels in Vancouver and the surrounding areas, that are discreet and effective. Here’s why you can count on our methods over the other guys.

Best Pest Control Services for Hotels in Vancouver

About Us

Pest Control for the 21st Century.

Integral Pest Services is a new kind of pest control, we are redefining how the pest control industry should be.

Our Approach

We have a dedicated team of licensed professionals ready to take on any commercial & residential pest problem.

We believe in taking a proactive approach to pest control by getting to the root cause of the problem and treating it from there, utilizing the latest technology and industry-leading pest control procedures.

We guarantee our services and know that by working directly with you, we will solve any pest problems you may have and keep them from coming back. We are your strategic pest control partner.

We Understand the Unique Pest Control Needs for Hotels

At Integral Pest, we specialize in commercial pest management, with a particular focus on pest control services for hotels. As a result, we thoroughly understand the unique needs and challenges that hotels face when it comes to experiencing pests. Infestations can not only ruin a hotel’s reputation and success, but they could also lead to potential legal repercussions. Having a pest control service that knows how to deliver fast and effective results can help to protect your hotel while offering your hotel management peace of mind so they can focus their attention on their guests instead of the pests.

We Customize Pest Control for Hotels

Safety, cleanliness, and comfort are top priorities for managing any hotel. But every establishment and pest issue can differ from the next, which is why we customize our pest control strategies accordingly. Whether it’s bed bugscockroachesratsmice or even wildlife, we know how to eliminate and control the problem no matter if it’s a few pest sightings or a full-blown infestation. We develop pest control plans that are tailored to you to ensure we cover every area of your hotel.

Discreet Pest Control for Hotels is Our Priority

Even if guests aren’t aware of any potential pest issues in a hotel, seeing a pest control service provider arrive on-site can quickly alert them to the situation. But with our professional and experienced team, you won’t have to worry. Delivering discreet pest control and removal services is a top priority for us. We make a concerted effort to be as unobtrusive as possible by driving discreet service trucks, parking and entering through the back and employing our services during off-peak times when there is less opportunity for guests to notice our presence.


Effective, Long-term Results that are Guaranteed

Many pest control companies offer services that use heat or chemical treatments that don’t really work for eradicating pests completely and permanently. They also require obtrusive tactics, like vacating the premises for several weeks, which isn’t always feasible for hotels and other commercial businesses. At Integral Pest, you don’t have to worry about any of that. 

We use safe and highly effective bioinsecticides, as well as humane rodent control devices which is the most successful pest control treatments today. Unlike heat or chemical treatments, our bioinsecticide, called Beauveria Bassiana, eradicates bed bugs by using fungus spores. Once it’s applied, the active ingredients get to work, killing any bed bugs that encounter the bioinsecticide, along with any insects that are already infected. This allows the treatment to spread rapidly throughout the pest population and harborage, effectively killing the entire infestation, and preventing future infestations during the guarantee period. The bioinsecticide will remain active for up to 3 months and is completely discreet and safe. So, there’s no need to close your hotel rooms down for an extended period or alert guests.

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For the best pest control services in Vancouver and the surrounding areas, contact Integral Pest today. We specialize in pest control services for hotels and customize our treatments for each client. Whether you need pest removal or integrated pest management services to maintain a pest-free establishment year-round, we deliver competitive rates and results that you can count on. To learn more or to arrange a service, reach out to us today!

We understand bed bugs and we work hard to understand your unique situation. We take the time to assess each job and develop a customized pest control plan to rapidly knockdown bed bugs while working with you to prevent them from coming back. Request a free no-obligation consultation!

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