The Best Bed Bug Remediation Service for Hotels

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The Best Bed Bug Remediation Service for Hotels

With international travel being put on hold for the past year, it’s easy to forget about bed bugs and the threat they can impose on hotels. But as borders start to reopen and travellers gear up to jet set abroad once again, hotels need to be on guard and prepare for the resurgence of these stubborn pests. When it comes to preventing and eliminating bed bugs, the most effective remediation service for hotel operators is an integrated solution that uses a fungus called Beauveria Bassiana. 


Here is the low down on this treatment and why it’s the best bed bug remediation service for hotels and other commercial businesses. 

The Best Bed Bug Remediation Service for Hotels

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Beauveria Bassiana is the most effective treatment for eliminating bed bugs. As a safe, non-toxic, odourless and eco-friendly bioinsecticide spray, it targets the insect without causing any harm to animals or humans. It’s also long-lasting and remains effective for up to 90 days. As soon as a bed bug touches the sprayed surface or contacts another infected bug, the active ingredient penetrates the insect’s skin and enters the bloodstream. The fungus then begins to grow, eventually killing the bed bug in 3 to 7 days. Once infected, the bug will carry the fungus back to its harborage, effectively killing all of the other bed bugs in the population, leaving your hotel bed bug free quickly and effectively. 

Integral Approach

This treatment method is just one of the factors required to eliminate and prevent bugs from getting comfy in your hotel. If you want your business to remain bug free today and well into the future, you’ll need an integrated pest control solution that includes an action plan tailored to your exact needs.


At Integral Pest, we combine numerous strategies to eliminate and prevent pests, while reducing any risk to the environment and our customer’s health. Our strategy focuses on long-term prevention – not just a one-time fix. You’ll also receive the following advantages when working with us:

90-day Guaranteed Protection

With just a single treatment, you’ll get 90-days of guaranteed protection when you choose Integral Pest. If the bugs are reintroduced, you can be confident knowing your room is protected against bed bug infestations.

Same Day, Return-To-Service

With the Integral Pest solution, you won’t have to put your business on hold. Our service allows you to resume operations on the same day that you receive a treatment. Since we don’t use any harmful chemicals or invasive techniques, your hotel guests won’t even know there was a pest treatment implemented, keeping your reputation and bottom line in tack.


If you want to eliminate and prevent bed bugs from returning to your hotel, an integrated pest management approach is the only way to achieve a long-lasting solution to your problem. At Integral Pest, we offer proven pest prevention strategies and treatments that combine thorough inspections with highly effective bioinsecticide treatments. Contact us today to set up an appointment or to learn more about our services.

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