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Why Rats are a Growing Concern for Property Managers in Vancouver

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Why Rats are a Growing Concern for Property Managers in Vancouver

Living in Vancouver comes with many advantages, like breathtaking scenery and easy access to the world’s best amenities. But there’s a growing problem living in between the natural beauty and urban landscapes – rats. Vancouver residents, business owners and property managers alike are noticing a surge in rat populations. These pesky rodents are clever, sneaky, and hazardous to your health and your property. That’s why when it comes to preventing infestations, the best defence is having a smart offense. But what’s causing this exponential increase in rat populations? Below, we’ll explain why rats are a growing problem for property managers in Vancouver and why they should never be underestimated.

Why Rats are a Growing Concern for Property Managers in Vancouver

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Why Rat Populations are Surging in Vancouver

As Cityscapes Expand, Rat Populations Will Too

Being ranked as the rattiest city in B.C. in 2020 makes it difficult to ignore this looming crisis. As the number of rats keeps climbing each year, they’re raising concerns among renters, landlords and property managers. Everywhere you turn, there seems to be a rat lingering in the shadows, and as our cityscapes expand, so too will these rodents. The steady increase in development and construction ends up displacing rats and forces them to seek shelter and food elsewhere. Since it’s easier to find what they need within urban environments, they end up flocking here.

There's a Decline in Natural Predators

There’s also been a decline in predator populations that typically feed on rats. Seabirds, for example, have drastically diminished in recent years due to overfishing, climate change, destruction of natural habitats, and more. As a result, the natural control of rats has been greatly impacted, giving them plenty of opportunity to flourish. Combine this with their reproduction rate – one pair can produce over 14,000 generational offspring – and you can see why they’ve become such a growing concern.

COVID-19 and Lockdown is Altering Their Behaviour

COVID-19 has forced humans around the world to alter their habits and behaviours, ultimately forcing rats to alter theirs as well. As restaurants and businesses shuttered their doors, less garbage was available for rats to access. Without their usual food source to sustain them, these adaptable pests started to move into residential areas of Vancouver, sniffing out household waste to feed off instead.


Why Property Managers Are Concerned

Rental Units Are More Vulnerable

Rats are a threat for every city dweller, and rental units are particularly vulnerable. Since there is typically a greater flow of foot traffic, there are lots of opportunities for these rodents to make their way inside. And once they’re in, they’ll source out any crumbs, water, and shelter so they can survive and reproduce.

Rats Are a Health Hazard to Tenants

Rats are a serious health hazard because they can easily contaminate and transmit disease through their urine, fecal droppings, and saliva. In fact, rats are known to spread more than 30 different types of disease. This can create an unsafe living environment for tenants. If rats are spotted, a full-scale cleanup could be necessary to ensure your tenants aren’t putting themselves at risk.

Rats Can Cause Significant Property Damage

In addition to the health hazards they can cause, rats are also notorious for causing extensive property damage. With razor-sharp teeth, they can literally gnaw through almost anything, including drywall and electrical wiring. As a result, they’re a common cause of electrical fires.

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How to Protect Your Rental Properties from Rat Infestations

Play Offence

When it comes to keeping these clever and dangerous rodents away from your rental properties, offence is key. This means hiring a professional pest control company to perform regular inspections. Sealing up any potential entry points and removing anything that might attract them, like unsealed garbage bins, are vital for preventing infestations as well. If a tenant or staff member spots a rat, it is imperative to be proactive and have it dealt with immediately. Delaying this could end up costing you thousands in repairs.

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