What To Do When Rodents Are Discovered

Once rodents are discovered it is important to contact a professional exterminator right away. Rodent populations can double in a short time frame if left unchecked and can cause a large amount of damage to structures and inventory. Here are a few steps you can take to minimize any potential hazards.

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A thorough inspection of the interior spaces as well as the exterior of your structure should be performed to locate any visible entry points. During the inspection it is important to note all potential harbourage sites as well as environmental conditions that could be contributing to your infestation.

exterior inspection
overflowing garbage


Rodents have a powerful sense of smell and can smell food through walls. To prevent easily accessible food sources for rodents all food should be safely stored in tamperproof containers and off the ground. All food crumbs and garbage should also be thoroughly cleaned up and disposed of in exterior garbage containers. Paper products and other nesting materials should be safely stored away as well.


Harbourage sites provide safe shelter and passage for rodents allowing them to move freely through your space undetected. All harbourage sites should be reduced to eliminate the safe passages rodents depend on. Inventory stored along walls or piled up in the corner could be providing safe passage and shelter for rodents. When reducing harbourage sites, it is important to not overlook the exterior of your building either. Improperly disposed of garbage, inventory storage and landscaping could creating the right environment for a buildup of rodent activity.

exterior harbourage

There is a lot that goes into eliminating rodents and preventing future infestations. Eliminating the source of the infestation is half the battle. Once you have successfully sealed off all entry points you need to exterminate the rodents living inside your building. If you find yourself battling a rodent infestation, contact us at Integral Pest Services. Our team provides expert remediation and prevention services. Schedule a service or book a consultation today.

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