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7 Everyday Tips to Pest Proof your Kitchen


The kitchen is quite possibly the hottest spot for pests in any home. Several pests find it convenient to use the kitchen as their home because there is always an abundance of food, warmth, and shelter. Scurrying insects and buzzing flies can be a common annoyance seen in the kitchen.

Even though pests are attracted to kitchens, there is nowhere more important for pests to be kept out of than the kitchen. The kitchen is where we store our food and where we make our meals. Because your entire family depends on the kitchen, pests like rodents, house flies, cockroaches, fruit flies, and stored product pests should have no hiding place in your kitchen.

Nothing is quite as gross as seeing a winged cockroach flying overhead into a corner or scurrying to hide under the fridge. These disgusting creatures have been reported to spread well over thirty kinds of bacteria including salmonella and E. coli: and seven types of pathogens. Their decomposing bodies, saliva and droppings contain allergens that can increase the severity of asthma symptoms.

Fruit flies are not suddenly born from rotting fruit or come from inside decaying food as many people suppose. Rather, they can sense the yeast that is produced when fruit ferment, even from long distances. Their small size permits them entry through small cracks and crevices, and even window screens cannot keep out. Small as they are, fruit flies are nuisances best kept away from your kitchen.

Rodents invade homes all year round, and while they are known to spread diseases themselves, they also are transporter for other hitchhiking disease-carrying organisms like ticks and fleas. They chew through wood and furniture, causing destruction and property damage. Electrical wires are not safe from the gnawing teeth of rodents who have contributed their quota to electrical accidents and fires in homes. 

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The foregoing is a representation of why pests must be kept out of your kitchen and the rest of your home at all costs. Different locations in the kitchen present their set of unique challenges, but with a pest prevention and control program, pests can be eradicated and kept from your kitchen and home.

Follow these simple steps to pest-proof your kitchen

Pest infestations are often a reflection of what is going on in the immediate area and can be prevented and quickly eliminated with a few changes.

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