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Once you discover the presence of pests in your home, we are at the ready to help you eliminate them and help you return your home to the safe, comfortable, convenient pest-free environment that it should be. Due to the sheer number of pests around (scientists estimate there are up to 30 million different insects), sometimes, it is practically impossible to avoid pests gaining an entryway into your home, but there are several steps and actions that you can take to protect your home from mice, cockroaches, rats, bed bugs, among other pests. 

Start from the Outside: 

In case of a pest infestation, it is important to consult a professional for advice to prevent the spread of the pest problem. A preventative pest control program is the most effective way to prevent pests and reduce your annual pest control expenses.

Our homes are constantly under pressure from potential pest invasions, don’t take your pest control program on yourself. At Integral Pest Services, we are passionate about keeping your home free from pests. We utilize the latest technology, proven treatment methods and take a proactive approach to keep you pest free. Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation. 

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Our approach


Your Integral Pest technician will conduct a thorough inspection to accurately identify all areas of infestation and develop a customized pest control plan for treatment and long-term prevention


Your Integral Pest Technician will treat all infested areas to eradicate your pest problem taking care to understand all potential hazards and take appropriate control measures


Integral Pest Services will provide a follow-up assessment of your pest treatment plan to evaluate the effectiveness. Rest assured your technician will work with you to prevent future pest problems

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Resolving your pest problem is our #1 priority. If your pest problems are not resolved, we guarantee a full refund of your service payment.*

*All Integral sanitation and structural recommendations must be complied with; and follow up services allowed, during the guarantee period to be eligible for any refund