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pest proof your basement

Pest Proof your Basement to Protect Against Common Pests

Dark, Damp Basements Make a Brilliant Base for Pests

Basements are easily one of the most overlooked parts of your home when it comes to pest prevention and control. Since people hardly go down there, the general thought is that the basement contains nothing for which pests may be attracted to. But since basements are wet, dark, and located underground this makes them one of the easiest and fastest entry points for insects and rodents.

If you venture into your basement, some of the common pests that you may find lurking around include spiders, crickets, sow bugs, centipedes, and rodents.


These creepy, web-spinning creatures are often found in moist and dark environments where they like to spin their webs. Chances are that if you look up and into the corners of your basement, you can see their silky webs hanging around even if you do not see an actual spider. Most species of spiders found in basements are not harmful to humans or transmit diseases, but their webs, though intricately woven, are not slightly.

To keep spiders out of your basement:

Centipedes and Millipedes

Many people find that they are creeped out by the many legs of the crawly centipedes and millipedes. Millipedes migrate en masse in autumn because of their natural hibernation and because heavy rains force them out of their habitats. Centipedes and their millipede close cousins infiltrate homes through crevices and holes to escape from the cold outside into warmer places like basements where they can feed on other insects and bugs.


Their ubiquitous droppings are the indisputable proof that you are harbouring rodents in your basement. Rodents are aggressive chewers, known disease-carriers that often invade our spaces finding peace in secluded and dark areas. They can jump or skittle up impossible places and squeeze their entire bodies through a hole the size of a dime. Once inside, they set up nests, multiply at an alarming rate, gnaw on furniture and poop everywhere.

In case you find yourself battling a pest infestation or you are looking for an expert opinion it is important to consult a qualified professional for advice to prevent the spread of the pest problem.

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Your Integral Pest technician will conduct a thorough inspection to accurately identify all areas of infestation and develop a customized pest control plan for treatment and long-term prevention


Your Integral Pest Technician will treat all infested areas to eradicate your pest problem taking care to understand all potential hazards and take appropriate control measures


Integral Pest Services will provide a follow-up assessment of your pest treatment plan to evaluate the effectiveness. Rest assured your technician will work with you to prevent future pest problems

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