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Voles, also known as meadow mice, are small rodents that are common in fields, lawns, and gardens. These creatures are often mistaken for moles due to their similar size and appearance, but they are actually quite different. Voles are small, stocky rodents with short legs and tails and brown or gray fur. They typically measure between 5-8 inches in length.

Signs of a vole infestation include:

  • Tunnels in the lawn or garden
  • Damage to plants or trees, especially at the base
  • Presence of droppings or gnaw marks

Should I be concerned?

Potential health concerns
Voles can spread disease through their pee and poop and introduce parasites into your property. 

What happens if left ignored?
They will continue to cause damage to lawns trees landscaping and grain crops

Voles like moist dense grasslands with substantial amounts of plant litter. They can be commonly found associated with sites having high soil moisture often restricted to weather microsites when they occur in Prairies.

Voles are active year round, day or night, they have to eat frequently and their active periods are associated with food digestion (every two to three hours). Their litters consist of four to six young. Females reach reproductive maturity earlier than males and they can become pregnant as early as three weeks old. Males are usually 6 to 8 weeks old before sexually mature

Voles eat most available species of grasses and forges including many agricultural plants leaves flowers and fruits. Other typical components of their summer diet occasionally include insects and snails and occasionally will prey on animal remains cannibalism is frequent in periods of high population density. In the winter they mainly eat seeds, roots, and bulbs

Key tips for prevention
Avoid putting mulch too close to trees and shrubs, avoid snow build up at the base of trees and shrubs. Bird feeders will attract voles and should either be removed or the ground kept clean.

Caution for self-treatment
There are no cautions to self-treatment. Voles require ongoing monitoring and preventative services to reduce their presence. 

Hire a professional pest service
Professional Pest Control can offer more than a traditional trapping service that will be more effective at catching and preventing voles. A quality preventative programs is required for long-term coverage. 

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