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A knowledgeable Hotel Pest Control – Integral Pest Services professional in Burnaby will educate you when it comes to understanding the various types of insecticides available on the market today, and their effect on the body and the environment is important.

A mosquito attack can not only spoil nature’s relaxing effect on your mood, but it can also limit your enjoyment of outdoor activities such as camping, sports, and gardening.

Besides the pain and annoyance of being bit by mosquitoes, these little bugs can carry viruses such as West Nile Virus, which is a serious illness. Mosquitoes can also cause allergic reactions in certain individuals.

You can take control of frustrating mosquito situations with quality insecticides, which have 2 kinds: organic and inorganic. Within these two categories, you will find a wide selection of mosquito fighting compounds that produce varying results.

Pest Control for Burnaby Hotels

Some organic insecticides are applied to the body to repel the insects on contact, while others are released into the air to repel or kill the insects from the surrounding area.
  • Organochlorines are not suitable for the environment because they are persistent and tend to linger in the area, some are alleged to last for years.
  • Lindane and Chlrodane are two other organochlorine insecticides.
Many insect repellants are not suitable for home use due to their long-term effects on plants and the surrounding wildlife.

Pyrethroids – A synthetic version of the natural insecticide pyrethrum, it mimics pyrethrum;however, it is significantly less toxic than other compounds.

Silica Gel – It is more commonly used for ticks, termites, and mites, and can be combined with borates and pyrethroids/pyrethrins for added power and effectiveness.
Formulations and Applications

To know more about the safest insecticides to use, contact your reliable hotel pest control Burnaby today.


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