Pest Control Tips
For Multi-Family Residential

pest control tips for multi-family

Pest Control Tips for Multi-Family Residential Complexes

Dealing with pest problems in a multi-residential property is a nightmare that is best left to the imagination. The sheer number of floors, rooms, and tenants can make the problem seem even more daunting. And as the best defense is a good offence, it is better to prevent pests from gaining access to your apartments than trying to get them out after they have gained entry.

Maintaining a regularly scheduled pest control program and providing your tenants with specific pest control tips for multi-family complexes will help to keep pests out of your property.

Pests have minimal needs

 Apart from some having a great need to chew aggressively on everything, they need water, food, and a warm place to call home. Getting rid of stagnant water removes one of their primary needs and makes them less likely to encroach into your space. Ants, mice, rats, or cockroaches – it does not matter what type of pest it is, keeping the presence of food to a bare minimum will have a great effect on pest prevention.

Pests love clutter and waste

And they are often found where garbage is not properly disposed of. Keeping living areas consistently cleaned makes it harder for pests to find places to nest and feed. High-traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, trash areas, and utility areas should always be kept clean. Having a regular cleaning schedule that is maintained frequently will help in achieving this.

Maintain water fountains and landscaping

Keeping all fountains in good working condition by fixing leaking pipes and keeping a well-maintained landscape will contribute significantly in controlling pests around your multi-family complex.

Sometimes even with the best pest control tips for multi-family complexes, a pest infestation is still possible. In case of a pest infestation, it is important to consult a professional for advice to prevent the spread of the pest problem. A preventative pest control program is the most effective way to prevent pests and reduce annual pest control expenses. Don’t let pest take over your buildings, call us today for a free no-obligation consultation. 

Our approach


Thorough inspections and accurate identification of pests is important when developing a customized pest control plan for treatment and long-term prevention


Effective action requires a well thought out plan that considers all potential pest problems, outlines all control methods, and prepares a tailored solution to each problem


Ongoing assessment of IPM program evaluating the effectiveness and working on continual improvement

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