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The healthcare industry has its peculiarities. Despite the many challenges you face every day, all healthcare settings have one thing in common – a zero-tolerance policy for pests. Healthcare facilitates are sensitive and uphold the highest levels of sanitation and compliance with all regulatory laws and guidelines. From doctors’ offices to long-term care facilities, different strategies are required to address the problems related to the prevention and control of pests both within the building and in its immediate environment.

Healthcare facility managers are of the consensus that it is necessary to provide healthy and sanitary environments for their residents. Ensuring that pests do not bother residents and patients is an integral part of that program. Healthcare facilities are especially vulnerable to the presence of pests because pests contaminate food prep areas, medical equipment, and medical supplies, thereby further endangering the welfare of residents and employees. To that end, managers of healthcare facilities must do their possible bests to ensure that pests are prevented from gaining access to their premises.

An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is indispensable in addressing the areas where pests may gain access, and in combating the circumstances that allow them to survive and thrive. Managers of healthcare facilities must understand why their premises are attractive to pests, and the many pests that find their facilities inviting

Health care facilities pest control

Some of these pests include mosquitoes, bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, stored product pests, ants, flies, and stinging insects. Bed bugs are often brought into the premises when residents move in their personal belongings, with visiting guests and staff members. Some adults may have no reaction to bites which can cause a bed bug infestation to go unnoticed.

Pest control is of the utmost importance in protecting the health and safety of our most vulnerable -partnering with the right company can make a huge difference in the number of pest incidents and reducing annual pest control costs. A proactive prevention program, adherence to a rigorous sanitation program, and a quality building maintenance program will go a long way in pest prevention for your facility.

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Thorough inspections and accurate identification of pests is important when developing a customized pest control plan for treatment and long-term prevention


Effective action requires a well thought out plan that considers all potential pest problems, outlines all control methods, and prepares a tailored solution to each problem


Ongoing assessment of IPM program evaluating the effectiveness and working on continual improvement

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