Bed Bug Infestation

5 Signs My Rental Property Has Bed Bugs

Do you suspect there’s a potential bed bug problem in your rental property? Even just the thought of these critters can be enough to make your skin itch. Though these tiny bugs can’t jump or fly, they’re experts at hiding and can become a serious nuisance in a short amount of time. Since bed bugs come out at night to feed, they can go undetected, giving them time to spread. This can create a potential nightmare scenario for landlords and property managers alike. That’s why early detection is key to preventing a full-blown infestation from occurring. 


To help determine whether you have a problem on your hands, here are the signs that your rental property has bed bugs.

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What Signs To Look For:

Black Tracks and Ink Spots

Bed bugs leave behind stains that are known as fecal spots. If you identify any rust coloured or inky black stains around apartment units, it could be a sign of a bed bug infestation.

Rice Shaped Eggs

The eggs are often easier to spot than the bugs themselves because they are often found in clusters. Look for small oval shaped eggs that resemble grains of rice. Fresh bed bug eggs will also have a shiny appearance, which is an adhesive that allows them to stick to all types of surfaces. 

Pale Yellow Eggshells

Once the bed bugs hatch, they leave behind a pale, yellow eggshell that is flatter in shape and less shiny than the egg. Spotting shells is typically a strong indication of an infestation.

Pale Yellow Eggshells

You might also come across an actual bed bug when inspecting your rental property. Adult bed bugs are the size of an apple seed and have flat, oval shaped bodies. When unfed, they’ll appear brown. When they’re full of blood, they’ll have a reddish appearance.

Red Spots

Finding red spots and bloodstains around the property can be a common tell-tale sign that you have a bed bug issue. Bloodstains are often found on bed sheets, furniture and anywhere else where one of these critters might have been squashed.

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Where to Look:

Along Baseboards


Bed bugs tend to hide and remain within a 20-foot radius from where they feed, which is usually close to the bed or their host. But they can also travel to different areas with minimal disturbance to lay their eggs. Baseboard creases are a common spot for hiding them.

In Wall Cracks


If your rental property has any cracks in the walls, you’ll need to check around these as well. Bed bugs are tiny enough to squeeze through cracks and hide out during the day. They can also use crevices to move from unit to unit.

Inside Electrical Outlets


The small holes in electrical outlets create another ideal hiding spot, which is why stains found around the socket can highlight an infestation. 

Around The Windows


Bed bugs love wood and fabric, so be sure to check around window frames and inside the creases of curtains. 

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In The Furniture And Appliances


If you have a furnished unit, don’t forget to inspect the mattress, headboard, and every piece of furniture – especially the sofa. Bed bugs can even hide inside kitchen appliances.


What To Do When You Find Bed Bugs In Your Rental Property?

If your rental property has bed bugs, call a professional to deal with it immediately. Trying to tackle the issue yourself with store-bought chemical treatments will only force the bed bugs to disperse, making them even more difficult to detect. The insects can also break down the insecticides and push the chemicals out of their nervous system before it can do any damage. 

At Integral Pest Services, we specialize in bed bug removal and back our work with a 90-day guarantee protection plan. Our all-natural fungal biopesticide is safe for humans and pets and is extremely effective at eradicating bed bugs with just one treatment. Within 24 hours, the fungus grows inside of the bugs, eventually killing them within 3 to 7 days. The ingredients in this treatment remain active for 3 months, eliminating all bed bugs from the property safely and effectively. 


If you notice any red flags that could highlight a potential bed bug infestation in your rental property, don’t ignore it. Contact us right away. We’ll send someone out to have a look and apply the necessary preventative pest treatment to eliminate them for good.


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