Cockroach Pest Control Burnaby

Even if you do a very thorough job, you may find out that roach control is hard to obtain on a long-term basis. Instead of trying to, contact #1 Cockroach Control Service | Integral Pest Services contractor who can come to your home and handle the problem for you with more specialized treatments that offer long-lasting results.

Cockroach infestations can be hard to treat with over-the-counter products that you may just not be able to do so.

You need to take your home back. You want to get the care you need to regain a clean, pest-free home. That is not always easy to do. Yet, with the help of a cockroach pest control Burnaby professional, you can get effective cockroach control that handles the problem for you right away.

Why Pest Control Inspections Help

A roach control inspection has other benefits as well. Signs of cockroaches and other well-known pests in a home can be found and steps are taken to protect the home and homeowner’s family.

A structural problem such as the beginnings of water leaks, wood rot, foundation settling, and other homeowner curses can be noted when looking for signs of pests.

Perhaps most important is the increase in comfortable lifestyle that results from pet control observations-getting rid of pests, particularly ugly insects visitors-helps make a house a home.

A lot of Burnaby homes have roaches, others have problems with more significantly benign water bugs. Roaches and water bugs are part of the same insect family and are equally worrisome in the eyes of most people.

So, it makes perfect sense to simply get rid of them with the help of a cockroach pest control Burnaby professional, which makes home life better.

Don’t forget the importance of getting the results you want right away. That is something only a professional can offer to you.

Our approach


Your Integral Pest technician will conduct a thorough inspection to accurately identify all areas of infestation and develop a customized pest control plan for treatment and long-term prevention


Your Integral Pest Technician will treat all infested areas to eradicate your pest problem taking care to understand all potential hazards and take appropriate control measures


Integral Pest Services will provide a follow-up assessment of your pest treatment plan to evaluate the effectiveness. Rest assured your technician will work with you to prevent future pest problems 

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are beginning to become one of the most common house hold and commercial pests around and often are found in food preparation areas.

Their simple presence can have a negative impact on your business and the overall health of your space. Cockroaches are implicated in spreading over 30 different types of bacteria such as E-coli and salmonella contaminating kitchen utensils, food, and everything they touch.

Cockroaches can survive in many different environments making them easily adaptable to any new space spreading bacteria and allergens from proteins in their skin, droppings and urine. Common side effects from a cockroach infestation include sneezing, congestion, watery eyes, and breathing difficulties.

Cockroaches can survive over 30 days without food and over 2 weeks without water allowing for their successful adaptability to many environments.

As a result, they are an extremely difficult pest to control and all home remedies should be avoided. Improper treatment can cause cockroaches to spread to adjoining neighbors/ rooms and can even cause them to go deep inside your walls.

A cockroach problem is therefore, best left to licensed professionals, whether you are plagued by German cockroachesAmerican Cockroaches or Oriental Cockroaches, we have a customized treatment plan for you. 

Guaranteed Pest Control

We guarantee all of our cockroach control plans. If we’re unable to resolve your cockroach problem, we guarantee a full refund of your service payment.* 

*All integral sanitation and structural recommendations must be complied with; and follow up services allowed during the guarantee period to be eligible for any refund


100% Money Back Guarantee

Resolving your pest problem is our #1 priority. If your pest problems are not resolved, we guarantee a full refund of your service payment.*

*All Integral sanitation and structural recommendations must be complied with; and follow up services allowed, during the guarantee period to be eligible for any refund

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