Fall Pest Prevention Tips for your home

Fall Pest Prevention Tips

Fall Pest Prevention Tips for Your Home

Cold Falls Bring Pests Indoors on the Hunt for Warmth and Shelter

Summer and spring are popular for pest invasions, but the autumn months can be absolutely devastating. Fortunately, the good news is that there are many ways to prevent pests from entering your home this fall.

It is never fun finding rodents inside your home or business, not to mention managing their presence is hardly anything to boast about. Pest extermination can be difficult to deal with, which is why you need to have methods in place that will help to reduce the occurrence of pests. Pest prevention is the only way to avoid pests problems and keeping them from becoming too big to manage.

At Integral Pest Services, we know all about pest prevention and control utilizing the right techniques that work for all types of residential and commercial buildings.

fall pest prevention tips

Common fall pests

To safeguard your home or business from the stressful and costly pest invasion, you need to know what the common pests are first. This will allow you to recognize the early stages of an invasion and how to act before the problem gets out of hand. Once the problem is out of control, it can be more costly which can see you staying away from your home while it is being treated.

Termites (pestworld.org)

Many types of termites are active during the cooler and warmer months. Termites love plenty of moisture, which can become a problem during the fall season when there is plenty of rainfall and warmth.

Mice and rats

Rodents like mice and rats love buildings during the autumn time. Warm and cozy with a supply of water and food, which is why a home or business is the perfect place for a rodent to set up home. This is why you need to take action now!


Now cockroaches are very common all year round. In the autumn time cockroaches that can survive outdoors will start to make their way indoors like the American cockroach. 

Common places rodents tend to set up shop:

If you have rats in your roof cavity, termites having a feast on your foundations, and cockroaches running around the kitchen at night, then you need to know exactly where these critters are going to take hold. To prevent pests from entering your house, you need to have a good amount of information and know important steps to keep tabs on your home so you know when it has been compromised.

To prevent these pests from entering your space this fall, follow these simple steps

Pest prevention tips for Autumn

Here we offer a few tips for how you can prevent rodents from entering your business:

Seal up cracks and holes in the roof

For rat prevention, it is essential that you keep the roof area dry and seal off all access points; damaged tin or tiles should be replaced to make sure that rodents never get a foothold within your roof area.

Ensure all windows and doors have screens

By having screens on your windows and doors you will stop insects from entering your home but will still allow airflow through the building. A good tip for mouse prevention is to ensure doors have quality functioning door sweeps on them to seal the large gaps at the bottom.

Ensure storerooms are tidy and clean

Rodents like rats and mice love to use shredded paper and cardboard for nesting. Rodents and stored product pests will indiscriminately rummage and chew through everything in the storage room. If these rooms are kept tidy and clean and soft package foods kept in tamper-proof containers, it will help to stop rodents and insects from invading.

Keep stacked firewood far away from the home or business

Autumn is the time when people start collecting firewood, ready for the colder months approaching. Storing wood is a welcoming sign for all sorts of pests from snakes, mice, and even termites. If the wood is exposed to rain, it will retain the moisture and become a perfect home for plenty of problem rodents and insects. Stacking firewood 20 feet away from your home will help to keep the gnawers far away from your building.

Keep food away and leave no scraps

Mice and all other pests will continue to invade and settle in if there is a continuous supply of food. Put all food in your business or home inside airtight containers and don’t leave scraps on plates in the sink. Ensure you rinse the food off plates, tables, and the floor to ensure there are no snacks waiting around.  It is best to pick up any food your pets haven’t eaten instead of leaving it sitting in the bowl where rodents will happily feast and come back for more. Following these tips will ensure you are doing everything you can to prevent rats from entering your home.

Expert Fall Pest Prevention Help

If you are unsure where the potential weak spots are for insects and rodents and you are not too sure if you are doing everything correctly, you can get a professional rodent team to come to your home or business and assess all the areas to look for potential invasions and spots that need preventative solutions put into place. If there is already an existing pest problem that you didn’t know about, it will be identified by the professional experts who can put a solution in order to get rid of them and stop them from returning.

The experts have an in-depth knowledge and the right equipment to carry out pest removal and prevention in a safe and timely manner. Whatever rodent problem you have from rats, mice, bed bugs, spiders, and cockroaches all will need to be sorted out asap to ensure no damage is done to your home, and your health doesn’t become compromised. Most rodents like rats and mice carry so many diseases that stay present in their feces, which sits around your home where pets and children can be exposed.

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