Thermacell Tick Control Tubes


Thermacell Tick Control Tubes are the no-spray, easy way to kill deer ticks and prevent them from spreading throughout your yard. Set-up only takes a few minutes twice a year.


Thermacell Tick Control Tubes

  • Helps to prevent the spread of Lyme disease to your pets and family members
  • Tick tubes work with nature to help reduce the tick population
  • Cotton in tubes draw in mice to take to their nest and burrows
  • Doesn’t harm kids, pets, or the environment
  • Easy to use; apply twice per year (See video)
  • Developed at Harvard University
  • The best time to apply is in late-April and late-July before young ticks begin feeding
  • Twelve tubes treat about 1/2 acre of property per application
  • For outdoor applications only
  • Includes 12 tubes per pack

Thermacell Tick Control Tubes are a toxin-free way to control Deer Ticks around your yard and help prevent the spread of Lyme disease.

Weight.45 kg
Dimensions15.24 × 15.24 × 26.67 cm


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