Goodnature A24 Automatic Lure Pump


The Goodnature A24 Automatic Lure Pump is designed to eliminate the need to rebait your traps every few days providing a constant control against rats and mice.

Once installed and activated, the automatic lure pump provides a steadily supply of fresh bait for 6-months. Ensuring a constant supply of fresh lure increases your trapping success.


Goodnature A24 Automatic Lure Pump

  • Contains 55g of long-life lure for 6-months of trapping
  • Chocolate lure shown to be highly attractive to rats and mice
  • Toxin-free! Safe for you, your pets, and wildlife
  • Stable in hot & alpine climates (-21 C)
  • Water resistant

All lure pumps sold by Integral Pest Services are compatible with Goodnature A24 Home Trapping Kits. For technical assistance and warranty claims, please contact the Goodnature Company.


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