Pavement Ants

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Key Identifying factors:


2.5-4 mm long

Light brown to black

Pavement ants have  two nodes and an uneven thorax. During certain months swarmer ants will have wings

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Should I be concerned?

Potential health concerns
Pavement ants can contaminate human and pet food with diseased and germs that they carry on their legs.

What happens if left ignored?
Pavement ants reproduce quickly which can than quickly turn into a major pest issue. 

Pavement ants like to build nest underground; they prefer areas that have little vegetation. You can find them under building foundation, patios, sidewalks and pavements.

During the summer pavement ants are overly aggressive towards other ants. They move in small motions; their trails are easier to see at night. Look around electrical wires and plumbing pipes for their trails. Pavement ants might forage as far as 9 meters from their nest and are knows as trailing ants.

They go through the whole metamorphosis phase, they pass through the egg, then the larval and pupal stage, then they become mature adults. When winged males and female mate they swarm usually in June or July. One the female has mated she will search for a new nesting site and become the queen to a new colony. The queen will lay about 5-20 eggs per day.

Pavement ant colonies include multiple queens and numerous workers, the queen will establish a new colony by laying her eggs. Worker ants then tend to the queen’s brood till they develop to adult. 

Pavement ants can live to be about 5 years.

Pavement Ant’s diet can consist of sweets, greasy food, fruit, insects, seeds, nectar, meats, dairy products, bread and they will eat pet foods.

Key tips for prevention
Pavement ants are attracted to water and food, so remove all sources of water, fix leaking faucets and clean counter and table tops as well as any crumbs. Trim any branches and shrubs so they are not touching your structure, seal all cracks in your foundation especially around windows and doors.

Caution for self-treatment
Repellent insecticides will only kill a few ants and scatter the colony, but it will not eliminate the problem as the ants will come back or another colony will set up. You cannot destroy a colony of ants unless you kill the queen.

Hire a professional pest service
A pavement ant infestation may poses health risks and because of their ability to quickly reproduce, their numbers can quickly get out of control. The best thing you can do is hire a professional service to solve your ant problem

Many do it yourself remedies will do little to tackle the ant population and can lead to recurrent infestations in your home. Depend on a reputable pest service and get rid of your ant infestation. Call Integral Pest Services for expert advice and guaranteed results.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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