Pest Control Guide for Vancouver Area Property Managers

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Pest Control Guide for Vancouver Area Property Managers

Pests – that five-letter word aptly describes the frustration, stress, and damage that stubborn insects and rodents can evoke on property owners. In a matter of days, they can damage the reputation of a property management company and can have a negative financial impact from remediation costs and vacancies. They can also make your tenants and staff sick. That’s why any pest issue needs to be dealt with promptly and professionally. Learn how to spot a pest problem and how to get it under control ASAP, with our pest control guide for Vancouver area property managers below.


One of the most common pests you’ll find in Vancouver properties is the German cockroach. Fast, nocturnal, and difficult to kill, it only takes a few weeks before a cockroach infestation can become full-blown and out of control. This is due to their rapid reproduction rate and ability to hide, which makes them difficult to detect. To make matters worse, long-term exposure to cockroaches can also result in health issues for your tenants – even more reason to address any sightings or infestations as soon as possible.

German Cockroach
german cockroach casing with nymphs

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What To Look For

Cockroaches love moist areas that are close to food sources, so you’ll often find them hiding under the kitchen sink. They also prefer warm, dark areas like under appliances, inside pantries and even within wall cracks. But unlike most pests, they won’t make themselves known by leaving many red flags behind. You may find a dropping or two, but these look very similar to ground-up black pepper. As a result, an infestation may be overlooked. The best way to accurately tell whether you have a cockroach infestation is to physically see one. Large infestations can typically emit a musty-like odour, but this can also be confused for mildew or mold.

How To Control Cockroaches

By the time you realize that you have a cockroach infestation, it’s usually too late for DIY solutions. Just one insect can indicate there’s a nest nearby. If you spot a cockroach, your first response should be to call a pest control expert to locate the nest and eliminate the harbourage. Then once the cockroaches have been destroyed, take any extra precautions offered by your pest control expert to prevent another infestation. This can involve repairing leaking pipes, eliminating garbage and other food sources, and sealing off any areas where cockroaches can spread throughout the property.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be very difficult to control once they get inside a property. Not only are they incredibly hard to detect, but they’re also fast breeders and are small enough to fit through small cracks. Being small and stealthy enables them to latch onto clothing, furniture, and luggage to travel from one unit to the next with ease. Just one hitchhiking bed bug can cause a widespread infestation in an apartment building in a matter of weeks.

Bed bug black spot
bed bug infestation

What To Look For

Most people only look at the mattress when checking for bed bugs. But they will hide almost anywhere to lay their eggs with minimal disturbance, including along the baseboards and windowsills, inside electrical outlets and wall cracks, along curtain seams, underneath furniture and inside appliances. Although they’re quite difficult to see, there are warning signs to look out for, such as small black tracks and ink spots left around the apartment units. Shiny oval-shaped egg casings and pale-yellow eggshells are common red flags too. Bed bugs can often be carried out into hallways, laundry rooms and other common areas, so always check outside of the apartment units as well.

How To Control Bed Bugs

If your property managed building has shared common spaces, store-bought chemicals won’t work. Your best bet at controlling bed bugs is to hire a professional pest management company that uses an adequate treatment to target the harborage, not just the bugs. Fungal biopesticide is the most effective form of bed bug treatment for rental properties today. It kills both the bugs that come in direct contact with the active ingredient, as well as any other bugs that encounter the infected ones over a 3-month period. So no matter how far they’ve travelled within the building, they’ll eventually be killed off with just one treatment.



One of the biggest threats that a rat can impose is damaging the structural integrity of your building. These pesky rodents will eat through wires, drywall, and ducts, destroying properties from the inside out. They’re also a major health concern since they carry diseases like e-coli, which can be a serious threat to tenant’s if they come in contact with contaminated materials.

rodent control
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What To Look For

In lucky circumstances, you might spot a rodent before your tenants do. Scratching sounds in the walls, scurrying feet running across floorboards, and gnawing sounds are often the first signs that emerge. Other telltale signs like dropping, small holes in the drywall, as well as damaged cables and wires, can indicate a rodent issue. Unfortunately, property managers usually learn of a rodent problem directly from their tenants – one reason we recommend having a routine pest control plan in place.

How To Control Rodents

To get rid of rats, you need an integrated pest control management plan. This includes a combination of solutions, such as setting traps, cutting back plants, repairing cracks and holes, and pest-proofing the entire building. If you’re unable to control the rodents on your own, it’s best to contact a pest control company to help remove and prevent the rodents from returning.



The best way to control pests and deter them from targeting your property is to have a professional pest control strategy in place. This includes regular inspections and a prevention and remediation plan directed by a pest control specialist. At Integral Pest, we’re the team property managers call for effective pest management solutions in the Vancouver area. We use an integrated pest control treatment that not only eradicates any pests but also prevents them from returning. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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