vancouver rental property has bed bugs

What To Do When Your Vancouver Rental Property Has Bed Bugs

Parasitic bed bugs have flourished over the past two decades, infesting many urban areas throughout the world– and Vancouver is no exception. Despite what many believe, bed bugs don’t necessarily emerge due to unhygienic conditions. They can infest properties that are clean and hygienic by hitchhiking on furniture, people, electronics, and even books. Once they enter a property, they’re able to reproduce rapidly and move between units easily, which is why it’s imperative for property managers to take immediate action to eradicate them. If you’re concerned about an infestation, follow the steps below that outline what to do when your Greater Vancouver Metro rental property has bed bugs.   

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When Your Tenant Has Reported Bed Bugs

If a tenant has called to report bed bugs in their rental unit, it’s important to act fast. Each female adult produces one egg a day, and it can take several weeks for that egg to hatch. If there are numerous adult bugs found throughout the apartment, the infestation has likely been developing for a few weeks. Even if other tenants haven’t reported a problem yet, there’s a high probability that they’re already infested. By the time a tenant does notice the pests and reports the issue, it means the situation has already gotten out of hand.

To resolve the problem as swiftly as possible, take the following steps:

  • Book an inspection with our professional pest prevention service at Integral Pest
  • Notify the tenants of the inspection date and details
  • If you don’t own the neighbouring units, notify the landlords so they can inspect for bed bugs in their units as well
  • Follow our easy preparation process that’s provided to increase tenant participation and the treatment success rate. This includes:
    • Laundering and bagging all clothing and linens
    • Moving all items 24″ from baseboards
    • Vacuuming all baseboards and furniture
    • Stripping, laundering and drying all bedding using high heat settings on the day of service
    • Informing all occupants to vacate the unit, including pets, for 4 hours

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When The Unit Beside Yours Has Reported Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can travel quickly between cracks and crevices within the walls. They also can piggyback on visitor’s clothing and in the fur of pets, making their way through hallways and underneath doorways. If another landlord has reported a bed bug issue, it’s crucial to get your property inspected. Preventative measures can be taken to stop bed bugs from getting inside your unit, but early detection and action is key for doing this successfully.

When You Find Bed Bugs In Your Vacant Unit

Bed bugs won’t simply go away. Even if a unit is vacant, they can live up to a year without feeding on a host. They’re also experts at going undetected, hiding out in electrical sockets, under floorboards, in curtains and window frames. This makes them very tricky to eliminate, which is why vacuuming and DIY chemical treatments won’t work. Only a professional, licensed pest control service can remove them for good.

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Why Use Integral Pest Services All-Natural Bed Bug Treatment?

If your Vancouver rental property has bed bugs, our pest control team can resolve the issue permanently. Our non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly product is a biopesticide that quickly controls the spread and eliminates the pests so they don’t return. 

Our active product starts working immediately after spraying and remains effective for up to 3 months. As soon as a bed bug crosses the spray barrier, it picks up the microscopic beads. Within 24 hours, the biopesticide starts to grow inside their body, killing the bed bug within 3 to 7 days. As soon as that bed bug returns to its harborage, it will infect any other bug that comes in contact with it, eventually eradicating them entirely.


What To Do When You Find Bed Bugs In Your Rental Property?

If your rental property has bed bugs, call a professional to deal with it immediately. Trying to tackle the issue yourself with store-bought chemical treatments will only force the bed bugs to disperse, making them even more difficult to detect. The insects can also break down the insecticides and push the chemicals out of their nervous system before it can do any damage. 

At Integral Pest Services, we specialize in bed bug removal and back our work with a 90-day guarantee protection plan. Our all-natural fungal biopesticide is safe for humans and pets and is extremely effective at eradicating bed bugs with just one treatment. Within 24 hours, the fungus grows inside of the bugs, eventually killing them within 3 to 7 days. The ingredients in this treatment remain active for 3 months, eliminating all bed bugs from the property safely and effectively. 


If you notice any red flags that could highlight a potential bed bug infestation in your rental property, don’t ignore it. Contact us right away. We’ll send someone out to have a look and apply the necessary preventative pest treatment to eliminate them for good.


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