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How To Prevent A Bed Bug Outbreak In Your Apartment Building

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How To Prevent A Bed Bug Outbreak In Your Apartment Building

Bed bugs spread like wildfire once they get inside an apartment building, and all it takes is one to create a full-blown outbreak. How fast can they spread? One female bed bug can lay up to three eggs each day, which is about 100 eggs over the course of the first month.


Within seven weeks, as the eggs develop into adult bed bugs, they can travel three to four feet per minute. Tiny cracks in the walls and spaces underneath floorboards create the perfect passageways for them to spread between apartment units. To make matters worse, these insects can latch onto pets and clothing, giving them access to hallways, elevators, and other common spaces like laundry rooms. Without a pest control plan in place, bed bugs can rapidly infest an entire apartment building within a few months. 

Conduct Routine Inspections

Cleaning staff and management should be properly trained on bed bug identification so they can report any sightings immediately. Routine inspections should be conducted as part of your pest prevention program as well as cleaning procedures to check for signs of bed bugs in common areas, especially in laundry rooms and hallways. 

Create An Easy Way For Tenants To Report Sightings

All tenants should know how to spot bed bugs as well. Sending out a brochure that explains how to identify common household pests and who to call if any are found (Report Pest Sightings Here) can ensure that any pest issues are reported in a timely fashion, limiting the risk of a widespread infestation.  

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Hire A Pest Control Expert Who Uses Bioinsecticide

Since bed bugs are such a challenging pest to get rid of, DIY methods and even heat treatments won’t be effective at eradicating them completely, especially for widespread infestations in apartment complexes. If your rental property experiences a problem with bed bugs, you’ll need a pest control expert who uses a bioinsecticide to get rid of the infestation permanently. 

What's a bioinsecticide?

Unlike chemical and heat treatments that can easily miss certain areas and cause re-infestations to occur, a bed bug bioinsecticide called Beauveria Bassiana, can completely exterminate an infestation by targeting each bug directly. It’s safe for humans and pets but is lethal for bed bugs. When the treatment is sprayed, small microscopic seeds attach to the skin of the insect, infecting it and any other bed bugs that come in contact with it. Once the fungus starts to grow within the insect, it kills it within 3 to 7 days. The active ingredient in the bioinsecticide lasts up to 3 months, ensuring that any hidden and remaining bugs are eliminated for good.

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Arrange For Preventative Pest Control Services

Apartment buildings are a hot spot for bed bugs because of the amount of foot traffic that typically occurs from residents, visitors, staff and contractors. Even if you treat a few infected units, you can never be too sure when more bed bugs will be carried in by another person. 


To prevent apartment buildings from getting bed bugs, landlords and property managers should arrange for routine pest control services every month or quarterly, depending on the size of the building and geographical location. A proactive approach can drastically lower your risk of dealing with a serious outbreak, saving you money in the long run and protecting your reputation. 


With infestations on the rise, property managers need to be prepared to deal with sightings quickly and effectively to avoid a full-blown bed bug outbreak. Staff and tenants should know what to do if they spot a bed bug, and professional pest control services should be involved so they can conduct routine inspections and employ the necessary treatment if a problem develops. If you need pest control services that you can count on to protect your rental property from an infestation, contact us at Integral Pest Control today to set up your first appointment.

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