How Property Managers Can Get Rid Of Cockroaches For Good

How Property Managers Can Get Rid Of Cockroaches For Good

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How Property Managers Can Get Rid Of Cockroaches For Good

Cockroaches are as old as dinosaurs. They have managed to survive for 400 million years, enduring everything from the Ice Age and to nuclear attacks. That is why they are one of the hardest pests to control and eradicate. But what makes the cockroach so difficult to destroy? For starters, they are intelligent, fast, and excellent at hiding. They can easily squeeze through the tiniest cracks and travel through drains, making their way towards any available food sources. These pests have also managed to master the art of stealth – they will hide out and wait until the coast is clear before coming out from their hiding places. Worst of all, their hard shell and body shape make it incredibly challenging to kill them. Even decapitation will not stop them since they can live without their head for a full month. 

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If you have a cockroach infestation in your rental units, you will need a lot more than a deep cleaning routine to eliminate them. The only way to successfully exterminate an infestation is by using a professional pest management service. Learn more about these hardy pests and how property managers can get rid of cockroaches for good.

Why Cockroaches Are More Than Just A Sanitary Issue

One cockroach is one too many because these insects can multiply quickly, producing one egg capsule every 3-4 weeks that hold 25-45 eggs. Cockroaches will feed on any food items they can find, but they will munch on cardboard, ceiling boards, shoe linings and books as well, causing potential damage to your rental properties. They can also spread disease, contaminate food with pathogenic bacteria, and contaminate the air with their fecal matter and skin droppings, which can cause serious asthma and allergic reactions.

german cockroach casing with nymphs

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How To Spot Them

Here in Canada, the most common cockroach is the German breed. It is light brown and has two distinct black stripes located directly behind the head. Adults are normally ½ inch to 5/8 inch in size. 


Cockroaches are typically found wherever moisture and food are present. Usually, you’ll spot them hiding under the kitchen and bathroom sink, and beneath trash cans, or around the oven and fridge. They also love to hide out in the pantry and cupboards. You might also come across their shell casings which are small, dark brown oval-shaped casings that have been recently hatched. Dark colour fecal pellets that resemble small coffee grounds might also be present. These will indicate that there is a nest nearby. 

German Cockroach

How To Eliminate Cockroaches

As soon as a tenant has reported a cockroach infestation, it’s important to act fast. Send in a cleaning crew, block off entry points – filling any gaps, piping and drain catchers– and call in a pest control professional right away. Setting your own traps will only kill individual cockroaches and will not completely eradicate the nest. To eliminate a cockroach infestation from a rental property, you will need innovative extermination solutions that only a pest control management service can provide. 


Set Up Regular Inspections

Let us face it –if your tenants have found cockroaches in their units, the landlord is not going to be the first person they call. Many tenants fear that landlords will accuse them of attracting cockroaches inside, assuming that they were not taking proper care of their unit. However, that is usually not the case since cockroaches are so common and skilled at entering properties through any available gaps, pipes or vents.

Request a Consultation

If a tenant avoids contacting the landlord, the chance of an infestation occurring can be tenfold. So do not wait for your tenant to act. Set up regular inspections and adequate pest control plans every year to prevent them from invading.


Cockroaches multiply incredibly fast, spread disease, contaminate food and can cause damage to your property which is why you should never wait to take action. If a tenant reports a cockroach problem in their apartment, call us at Integral Pest to arrange an inspection and treatment plan as soon as possible. We service the lower midlands region from Vancouver to Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Delta, and Coquitlam. Our industry-leading pest control solutions will ensure that any cockroach nests are completely eradicated with minimal treatments. Protect your property and your reputation with the help of your Integral Pest team today.

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