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Using controlled amounts of insecticides given by a Food Services Pest Control – Integral Pest Services company in your restaurant is a worthwhile effort. Insecticides can protect you and your employees, and customers against insects.

Aside from being a household safeguard, they are also useful in many sectors, such as food agriculture, food industry, and medicine.

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Insecticide mosquito control Pyrethroid, a man-made pesticide similar to the natural pesticide pyrethrum, kills a wide range of insects by attacking the neuron membranes.

Although more than 1000 types of pyrethroids are manufactured, only a few are actually used in North America, two of which are permethrin and deltamethrin.

Deltamethrin and Permethrin are two of the most widely-used and safest types of insecticides. They are not only spread on crops to establish pest control but are also utilized in a variety of ways in the interior and exterior of homes.

You can use a special duster, paintbrush, or spray. Soaked fabric in the solution can work as well.

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The process is simple and easy. Make sure to apply the mixture on curtains in a well-ventilated room. The curtains must be made of fabric and clean. After soaking in insecticide, the material may retain a slight odor for a day or two, after which time, the odor will disappear.
Follow the steps below:
  1. Mix together insecticide and water, in proper amounts, in a large container.
  2. Place the curtains in the container and soak well, ensuring that they are completely covered in the solution.
  3. Remove the curtains from the solution and wring them gently to get rid of the excess.
  4. Lay the curtains flat on the plastic sheet, and in the shade, if possible, and hang them back when partially dry.


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Thorough inspections and accurate identification of pests is important when developing a customized pest control plans for treatment and long-term prevention


Effective action requires a well thought out plan that considers all potential pest problems, outlines all control methods, and prepares a tailored solution to each problem


Ongoing assessment of IPM program evaluating the effectiveness and working on continual improvement

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